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Family and Community Engagement Plan for MS/HS

Central Middle/ High School Plan


I. For the 2005-06 Family and Community Advisory Council all parents/guardians received an explanation letter of the intent of the law for the policy and were given an opportunity to serve on the committee and/or to reply with comments. Thirty-two responded with comments, thirty-four expressed an interest to serve on the committee with ten parents attending one of the four meetings. Continued dialog on revision of the plan will continue with parent committee this school year until finalized. Yearly review for revision will be ongoing in order to evaluate for barriers to parent participation and other noted parent concerns along with additional guidelines for compliance with No Child Left Behind Law, the Tennessee Department of Education, and the Family and Community Involvement Policy as adopted by the local Board of Education. The Family and Community Involvement Committee will periodically review the plan as to how the plan is meeting the changing needs of parents and the schools’ demographics. Information will be made available in alternate format including other languages, Braille, auditory tapes, etc. when needed. The following will be ongoing:

A. Yearly questionnaires will be used by the committee to obtain parental suggestions and comments for improvements and for evaluations of ongoing programs. Survey results will be used annually to measure progress along with the school’s report card for academic improvement.   All incoming data and information will be used for updating and designing effective parental involvement strategies. The Parental Involvement Committee will be responsible for updating the school’s Family and Community Engagement Plan, the Compact and for planning and implementation of programs and activities that encourage greater participation by parents of all backgrounds.  

B. Copies of the plan and Compact will be placed in school handbooks, the Principal’s office, and will be on the website 2005-06 school year. Comments by parents of participating children concerning dissatisfaction with the Family and Community Engagement Policy School Plan will be submitted to the state.

II. Central Middle/High School will provide meetings/activities/workshops at different times during the day, early afternoon or night and provide baby-sitting services if needed with schools providing reasonable support for parental involvement activities.   Ongoing activities are as follows:

1. Central Middle/High School will convene an annual school wide meeting in the fall to which all parents will be invited and encouraged to attend. At this meeting the goal of improving student academic achievement and school performance will be emphasized along with the parents’ rights to be involved.   Explanation of remaining school wide will be discussed. Copies of the school’s Family and Community Engagement Plan will be distributed.   The Compact will be discussed with appropriate signings. At that time other activities planned for effective parent involvement will be discussed with comments and inputs from parents welcomed and implemented if possible.

2. A minimum of two parent-teacher conferences will be scheduled per year in addition to progress reports issued to parents each 4 ½ weeks.

3. The Parental Involvement Coordinator will meet continually throughout the year with all school contact persons to provide technical assistance to promote and implement parental involvement through training sessions, meetings, workshops such as: TCAP Training, Workshops for Websites, Character Counts and Red Ribbon Week.

4. September senior parent meeting to discuss graduation, credits, college and post/secondary training and financial aid information.

5. 8th grade parents’ night in April or early May to make four/six year plans for high school, to select paths, to focus and register for 9th grade.

6. Individual meetings with all students in grades 9-11 and parents beginning in March through May to register for following year and to review four/six year plans, path and focus for high school and to plan for post high school.

7. Senior exit meeting in January of each year with each senior and parents to finalize plans for completing high school, finalizing plans for post-secondary training and to make sure on track to graduate.

8. Seniors and parents attend the Financial Aid workshop in January of each year to learn how to complete the FAFSA form required for all post secondary financial aid, scholarships, and other sources of assistance.


III. In order to meet the following No Child Left Behind requirements, (procedure for parents to learn the course of study for their children and assessments used, to have access to learning material and to make parents aware of strategies for improving homework, attendance and discipline), websites have been set up for all teachers and administrators. Assessments will be administered for evaluation and changes.

A. Technical workshops are being offered at different times during the day, early afternoon and/or night for training in accessing and using this   information.   These workshops will be ongoing using Title II D and Extended Contract funds that will involve both the parent and his/her child starting this fall. Babysitting services, if needed, will be provided along with reasonable support as requested. Ways of helping parents to become more involved to a greater extent in their children’s learning in helping with homework, improving attendance and understanding and reinforcing discipline will be included in the workshops.


B. Classroom and school polices concerning attendance, discipline, and homework are sent home in the handbook at the beginning of the school year for return with parent’s signature.   In addition the following strategies with be stressed with parents with suggestions welcomed for further improvement:


  • 9-12 perfect attendance student exempt from one course that student is passing
  • Time for Time: Learning Lab – May not miss more than six times per semester, regardless of the reason, and still earn credit for that class. Any absence beyond the sixth day can be made up in extended day which the school provides Wednesday of every week (90 minutes) which allows a student to make up one class period (block scheduling).
  • 6-8 Attendance Certificate-a student not having any absences, tardies, in-school suspensions or checks out early from any class period during the school day. Perfect attendance per class at the end of first semester will be exempt from taking mid-term if so chooses, same for finals. (If assigned to in-school suspensions per class or per day must take all tests)
  • Home visits and calls each morning at 6:30 from middle school principal
  • Incentive awards for perfect attendance for TCAP testing week


  • 9-12: 90 minutes-Time for Time is available for students to do homework or to receive help
  • 6-8: Principal is in the process of doing surveys with teachers, parents, students for fact finding on homework and is reviewing programs, etc to accommodate this urgent need in middle school
  • Both schools have before and after school tutoring available for all students


  • 9 weeks Character Education classes both schools
  • Counselor intervention prior to principal for majority of behaviors
  • Plans for incentive program for class rewards based on individual student behavior for middle school students

IV. Parent meetings and workshops along with notification of access to web for all schools sent home with newsletters. The school website can be located at with links to individual schools and teachers in late fall of 2005.   In addition schools are to: 

A. Respond in a timely manner to all suggestions or requests made for meetings

B. Provide for all parents before and after school tutoring schedules on the website and in handbooks at the beginning of school year with teachers’ schedules and other information to follow home and on the web as soon as available.

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